The Oncofertility Consortium (OC) is committed to explore and expand reproductive options for those who face fertility threatening conditions and/or medical treatments.  To this end, the OC has created several resources, available through the OC-Scientific Help Agreement for Research Endeavors or OC-SHAREs program, to help the scientific community carry out basic research in support of this mission.

Currently there are three resources available to OC collaborators through OC-SHAREs: 1) access to the NPC Human Research Tissue Repository, 2) use of the Stadie Riggs Tissue Slicer, and 3) request for Follicle Culture Kits. Investigators who wish to use one or more of these materials must submit a preliminary application which will be reviewed by our leadership council to determine scientific merit and feasibility of the request*. The Consortium is committed to the open and timely dissemination of all research outcomes through the development of repositories and databases within the National Physicians Cooperative, posting of data on open websites (, and through publication and presentation at national and international conferences and meetings.  Any scientific products created as a result of materials obtained through the OC-SHAREs program must attribute the grant number: NIH/NICHD P50HD076188 and the Oncofertility Consortium.

*The Oncofertility Consortium reserves the right to refuse any request for materials due to scientific concerns or lack of available resources.

*The Oncofertility Consortium accepts no responsibility for injury to personnel who misuse the instrument.

*The Oncofertility Consortium shares these tools to enable early adoption of procedures and assumes groups will work toward purchase of reagents and equipment for their labs.

For questions about the OC-SHAREs program, please email