PDF icon Oncofertility Communication: Sharing Information and Building Relationships across Disciplines - TABLE OF CONTENTS

Oncofertility Communication describes and addresses the myriad channels through which the multiple audiences involved in Oncofertility can be served with appropriate and accurate information about cancer-related fertility issues. The text answers frequently asked questions and provides invaluable insights to scientific and health care professionals about communication among the diverse Oncofertility audiences. It incorporates timely discussions about traditional and emerging electronic communication tools and discusses the impact of health care policy changes on the Oncofertility field.​

Co-editors Teresa K. Woodruff, Marla Clayman, and Kate E. Waimey

Forwards by Julia H. Rowland and Matthew Zachary

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Part I: Communicating with Patients and Their Families

  1. How Do Cancer Patients Learn About Fertility Preservation?: Five Trajectories of Experience by Karrie Ann Snyder and William Pearse
  2. Communicating Across Diverse and Differently Literate Audiences by Jennifer E. Mersereau and Anna Brandon 
  3. Patient and Family Tools to Aid in Education and Decision-Making About Oncofertility by Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Susan T. Vadaparampil, Ivana Sehovic, and Marla L. Clayman
  4. Cancer-Related Infertility and Young Women: Patient perspectives on discussing fertility preservation by Karrie Ann Snyder and Alexandra Tate
  5. Fertility Communication to High Risk Patients by Natalia C. Llarena and Jacqueline S. Jeruss
  6. Incorporating Partners and Spouses into Oncofertility Communication by Megan Johnson Shen and Hoda Badr,
  7. Genetic Counselors: Bridging the Oncofertility Information Gap by Allison Goetsch, Amber Volk, and Teresa K. Woodruff
  8. Communicating Oncofertility to Children by Ellen Wartella, Alexis R. Lauricella, and Lisa B. Hurwitz
  9. Disparities in Adolescent Provider-Patient Communication  by Amanda B. Fuchs and Robert E. Brannigan
  10. Fertility Communication to Cancer Patients: A Hematologist/Oncologist's Perspective by Sara E. Barnato

Part II        Communicating with Healthcare Professionals, Stakeholders, and the Public

  1. Interprofessional Decision-Making by France Légaré and Dawn Stacey
  2. Emerging Communication Tools for Oncofertility Professionals by Stefani Foster LaBrecque, Harlan Wallach, and Kate E. Waimey
  3. Educating Providers on Evidence-Based Medical Guidelines by Lauren N. C. Johnson and Clarisa R. Gracia
  4. Incorporating Insurance Education into the Fertility Preservation Process by Laxmi A. Kondapalli and Alice Crisci
  5. Working with Advocates for Study Recruitment and Research Dissemination by H. Irene Su and Kathleen Lin
  6. Communicating Emerging Reproductive Science to the Judiciary and Legislatures by Gregory Dolin
  7. The Role of Popular Media in Oncofertility Communication by Donna Leff