PDF icon Crisis, Support, and the Family Response: Exploring the Narratives of Young Breast Cancer Survivors

Snyder, KA, and Pearse, W. Journal of Psychosocial Oncology. 28:413-431,2010.


This article explores how 70 younger women diagnosed with breast cancer draw on social support resources. The authors found that

most respondents’ core support networks were their families, and social support came in several forms including emotional, tangible,

and informational. However, the authors also found that many respondents relied on a distinct form of social support, experiential

support, which has not been identified in current research. Experiential support is defined as a relationship with someone who

has gone through a similar illness and can help provide firsthand information, insight, and even hope. The authors conclude that

experiential support is an important area for future research on social support and health outcomes.