PDF icon Adult cancer survivorship: evolution, research, and planning care


Increases in the number of adult cancer survivors and other issues have forced the oncology community to examine, evaluate, and alter the cancer care paradigm. Pediatric oncologists are grappling with the task of transitioning a growing population of adult survivors of childhood cancer to adult medicine, while oncologists caring for adult cancer survivors are seeking models of follow-up care that are acceptable to patients and providers. Workforce and access-to-care issues suggest that primary care providers will see more cancer survivors in their practices across time, although it is unclear how prepared they are for this task. Translational research is needed to develop evidence-based clinical care and survivorship care plans. A broad picture of the evolving field of adult cancer survivorship is presented. The recent focus on young adult survivors of childhood cancer, an overview of translational research needed to inform the physical and psychosocial care of cancer survivors, and the roles of primary and specialty care providers managing this population is examined. Finally, an overview of evolving treatment summary and care plan initiatives is presented.


Jacobs LA, Palmer SC, Schwartz LA, DeMichele A, Mao JJ, Carver J, Gracia C, Hill-Kayser CE, Metz JM, Hampshire MK, Vachani C, Pucci D, Meadows AT. CA Cancer J Clin. 2009 Nov-Dec;59(6):391-410.