Teresa K Woodruff

Have you noticed our logo?

The Oncofertility Consortium logo is a trademarked advocacy ribbon that reflects the growing concern for the reproductive future of cancer patients. The intertwining spring green and hearty purple represents blossoming hope and uncompromised dedication to...

Teresa K Woodruff

Welcome to the Oncofertility Consortium Blog.  The Oncofertility Consortium is a program dedicated to the reproductive health of young people, men, women and children, who face a fertility-threat due to life-preserving treatments for cancer.  Our mission is to ensure that patients, physicians...

Oncofertility Consortium

Jennifer Hirshfeld, MD


Hi, my name is Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld and I am an ob/gyne currently undergoing subspeciality training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.  As part of this program, I have had the opportunity to work in Dr. Woodruff's lab and learn about the...