The American Society for Reproductive Medicine published a review of "Oncofertility: Fertility Preservation for Cancer Survivors" in the May 2009 volume of its journal Fertility and Sterility.

Cover of the Oncofertility book reviewed by Dr. Jared Robins in the journal Fertility and Sterility

Some exerpts from the review by Dr. Jared Robins, Brown University:

  • "Oncofertility is a term recently coined by this book's editor, Teresa K. Woodruff."
  • "In the first chapter of this book, the authors estimate that there are currently over 630,000 young cancer survivors and more than 12,400 are diagnosed each year."
  • "Overall, this book is a comprehensive review of all aspects of the new field of oncofertility. The book is divided into five sections, each devoted to educating the reader about an important aspect of this emerging field."
  • "The concluding chapter is a compilation of stories about real patients' experiences with fertility and cancer. I commend the editors for including this section because it ties each of the disciplines together with important patient experience."

To read the entire review, you will need access to Fertility and Sterility through your personal, work, school or library membership: Oncofertility: Fertility Preservation for Cancer Survivors.


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